I’m sure some of you are asking yourselves this question. Great question! County Board Supervisor duties include but are not limited to the following:
  • Representing constituents across the county, keeping them informed and actively soliciting their input on major issues
  • Setting and approving policies
  • Approving the annual budget and funding changes
  • Passing or repealing ordinances and approving amendments
  • Providing leadership on standing committees: Finance, Natural Resources, Health & Human Services, Public Safety, Public Works
  • Voting on appointments of department heads and committee members
Residents should care about and participate in the election process to elect supervisors who share their values and that will be effective on their behalf.
Key decisions and activities 2nd & 3rd Quarter
  • Amended ordinance prohibiting usage of all motorized vehicles on the Interurban Trail; motorized vehicles for those that are disabled are now allowed
  • Approved Ozaukee County Radio System Upgrade for Police and Fire Departments
  • Approved Eastern Shores Library System Merger with Mid-Wisconsin Federated Library System
  • Beautiful renovations in progress at the Lasata Care Center in Cedarburg
Organizational Structure
The county provides several programs and services including libraries, parks and recreation, transportation and a wide range of human services. These are all areas that affect our daily quality of life.
Mission Statement:
Ozaukee County government, as an administrative arm of the State of Wisconsin will sustain and enhance the quality of life for all citizens by being proactive, innovative, and responsive in providing quality services in a fiscally responsible manner. 

The County Board (see diagram) consists of 26 Supervisors that represent districts across our county and also sit on Standing Committees. As mentioned above, I am a board member on the Health and Human Services Committee. If you have questions, please let me know.
I encourage you to learn more and reach out as needed so that you can help shape our community!
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