To The News Graphic Editor,

I am honored to write this letter of support for Janette Braverman, Aldermanic Candidate for Mequon, District 4.

I have been associated with Janette for over 5 years through our sons attending Steffen Middle School and Homestead High School. It was after meeting Janette in person, while sharing information about my health and wellness business, and ministry that we linked together!

Anyone who meets her is immediately captivated by her genuine beautiful smile and demeanor! Janette is like a resource book, but she doesn’t throw it on you with haughtiness. Her excellent skill in being a sincere listener is so needed for all residents needing to be heard today! Even more important is her experience, intellect and faith, which have equipped her to direct others to the right solutions! When I left Janette’s home after our first visit, I left feeling empowered. I had gained direction to help me in ministry and business.

Janette has also impressed me with her parenting skills! She has ongoing involvement with her sons, while keeping up with a professional career.  Janette’s husband Mitch seems to want for nothing! Their marriage exemplifies unity in all areas which gives Janette an even greater ability to fulfill her commitments.

To sum up my testimony of Janette Braverman, I must say she is who the bible describes in Proverbs 31:10 – 31


Patricia Hilliard, Former District 4 Resident
Owner, Jordan Early Childhood Academy

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