Letter to the News Graphic Editor

My family relocated to the city of Mequon in the fall of 2010. It was then that I first met the Braverman family. Our oldest sons attended school together and are, to this day, the best of friends. As our sons spent time together over the years, this subsequently afforded me the opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with Janette, as well. Janette instantly took a special interest in my life’s journey, my ambitions, and my dreams. In return, Janette has willingly shared several personal stories about her and offered advice as a tool to motivate and encourage me.

Over the years, I have come to know Janette as a wife, a mom, a woman of tremendous faith and a commanding leader in the community and workplace. Janette is a true gem to the Mequon community as she embodies a powerful gift of leadership that is genuine and would be an invaluable asset to Mequon’s Aldermanic Board. Janette has an unmatched ability to effectively lead and connect with people with great resolve. This speaks volumes about her character and is a testament to one of several of her pristine qualities that is desired and sought after in the evolving Mequon community. Janette works enthusiastically and tirelessly on all tasks she undertakes, and has proven, through her countless headship positions, that she is capable and willing to lead as Alderperson of Mequon’s fourth district.

As a friend of Janette Braverman, I could not think of a more qualified, more determined or more passionate person to elect into this prestigious position. I look forward to having Janette’s voice as the principal voice for district four.

Sherréa A. Jones, Ph.D., Mequon, District 4

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